Free Gamelan Concert on Friday


Hello, Sam Jones here, I'm a co-founder / director of Music Hall at St Mary's. I've been working now for over a year with an amazing team, including the artistic vision of George Bell, rolling out an exciting first year of music programming from around the world, bringing top-class artists to Walthamstow in north east London (which also happens to be the first London borough of culture in 2019).

The original impetus of the Music Hall Project was to open up a world of music to audiences who might not normally come in to contact with such.  Aside from high quality programming, this is only achievable by making our events as accessible as possible and often this comes down simply to how much the event ticket is. Now I'm a Yorkshireman and I love a free event which is why I'm delighted to announce our new Discover the World series of shows which will offer the chance to experience music from different cultures around the world for free - though a donation will always be welcome. And to launch the series we're presenting a really exciting show on Friday 22nd June from an Indonesian artist called Iman Jimbot who will be bringing a taste of Sundanese culture to the Music Hall.

Jimbot was born and raised in a simple family in West Java, Indonesia. He grew up in a traditional Sundanese environment that has deep roots in culture. His growing passion and love for music eventually lead him to become a musician who is actively exploring and experimenting with Sundanese traditional music with a contemporary nuance, mixing traditional sounds with diverse genres from rock to pop to DJ and metal. Having performed in Europe, Australia and Asia, Jimbot has been involved in numerous art projects internationally and collaborated with musicians around the world.

Please join us for what should be an interesting and culturally enriching evening (and did I mention it was free?).

Sam Jones