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St Mary's Music Hall First Birthday Party!

St Mary's Music Hall is one! So we thought we'd put some great music on and have a bit of a party :)

Big Ben Jorge

'Big Ben Jorge are fun. Having drawn members from bands including Electric Jalaba, Teotima, Cocos Lovers, Haraket and Flying Ibex, this band springs from a love of...well...Brazilian pop music. With influences ranging from Samba to Northeastern and baiao styles, this diverse gathering of musicians found common ground in the toothsome grooves and nimble melodies of the Brazilian chart music of the 70's and 80's. Particularly, of course, that of Brazilian pop legend Jorge Ben Jor, BBJ's namesake. They pay heady homage to these artists, and the result is explosive and gripping to see live. Believe it - Big Ben Jorge are fun.'


Muntu Valdo

Sawa blues is the term that Valdo himself has coined for his own music, and at the root of many songs is rhythmic and melodic sensibility that flows from the rich wellspring of timeless Cameroonian folk music, but this base is enriched by a wide range of idioms that are part of the African Diaspora, from Brazilian samba to American soul and jazz. If, on accasion, Muntu Valdo recalls the iconic Tres Pontas troubadour Milton Nascimento that may well be because he has found a way into his world through the motherland roots upon which it stands.