Basco - 14.02.2018

Basco are a fiddle-scraping, box-belting, cittern-smacking folk/roots band with members from Denmark, Sweden and Australia. Basco really just want to tell you some stories. Their music is complex and varied, from hard hitting, high-speed reels full of rosin dust and sweat, through sweet and melancholy tunes that tell of loves won and lost.

 Basco's material is nearly all original, stealing shamelessly and frivolously from Scandinavian, English, Celtic and American idioms to create a kind of organic, soupy stew - full of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Basco often join forces in Big Basco with three horn players, known for their work with Denmarks Radio Bigband, World music phenomenon “Tummel” and the Odense Symphony Orchestra. Folk, Jazz and Classical music in one magical mess, with Basco's beautiful tunes at its centre. Basco also perform together with big bands and brass groups. 

Basco's album “The Crow in the Walnut Tree” was nominated for “Debut of the Year” Danish Music Awards 2009. Their second Album "Big Basco" was released in October 2011, awarded with "Singer of the Year" DMA-Folk 2012, and nominated for "Album of the Year" as well as "Live Act of the Year". Their third album, "The Remarkable Return of Old Man Basco" will be released in the UK in September 2016. Their cittern maestro Ale Carr was awarded Artist of the Year at the Danish Music Awards in 2013.