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Mesadorm | Sailing Stones

Mesadorm - 22.09.17

Mesadorm is a new collaborative project between Blythe Pepino, Aaron Zahl, Daisy Palmer (Rae Morris, Goldfrapp), Jo Silverston (The Unthanks, Red Clay Halo, Frank Turner) and David Johnston (ZunZun Egui, Phil King, Chairfight!).

What to expect: 

After a few years testing the mainstream stage with a major record deal Pepino has moved back to her roots writing left field rock and electronica. Aaron Zahl has recorded and produced the up and coming debut album with her, fleshing out the musical world with his electronic sound scapery. Having known each other since they were teenagers and weathered various phases of romance, friendship, life and musical outfits, Zahl, Pepino, Palmer and Johnston have a unique connection that plays out in this project with depth and assuredness. The writing sits somewhere between the domestic observation of Suzanne Vega and the powerful, elemental other-worldliness of Bjork.


Sailing Stones

Sailing Stones Promo 11.jpg


Jenny Lindfors tells awakening and unifying stories about the human condition in her songs. “The Blazing Sun”, the stunning debut track from her new moniker, Sailing Stones, is no exception, being a song written about the loss of a loved one.

Sailing Stones emerged after a long period of self-discovery. Her early years in London felt like one long walk through overwhelming, towering landscapes that seemed to reflect back her insights. During that time, she also began (and stopped) working on her album with several producers, several times.

“I had so much to express, and needed to create my own sonic backdrop to tell that story.” Jenny says, “I’d worked with many great producers, and it never felt right. It was time to try something different.” In her Hackney studio, she began the cathartic act of self-producing. The street noise outside meant working through the night. While the city slept, she could hear herself think, and hit ‘record’.

Self-producing was liberating, and brought out some unexpected twists. “I became obsessed with a Yamaha CS-80 synth. “It reminded me of long drives in my Dad’s car as a kid. He loved polished ‘80s albums like "Tunnel of Love" by Bruce Springsteen. I got hooked on those sounds.”

If Jenny was cocooning, Sailing Stones is the resulting metamorphosis. Jenny’s vocal is seraphic, and she possesses extraordinary, poetic songwriting ability. The nostalgia of her chosen sounds, with a spectrum ranging from Laurel Canyon to Bladerunner, enhance the empathetic quality of this inspired, wise music.